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This has been super entertaining for me, baby while I am sure you are about to kill me for putting you through this.

I promise no more scavenger hunts after this time ... maybe ... hahaha

Honestly, none of these riddles were hard for you, but given you started still half a sleep & tired from the weekend ... it took you longer than you wanted to. Thanks for the laugh. 
In any case, I told you its nothing spectacular ... but this is Valentine's Day part 2. ​(out of 4) ... so two more scavenger hunts .....

Im KIDDING! You won't have to work for the next two part of your gift.


It's Valentine's Day, so I think I am supposed to be cheesy ... well actually I always tell you how I feel anyways ... I realize many things in the last 10 months. I realize not only do I love you, but you define me. Some days, you are pretty much the only thing that make me want to get up every morning. You make me happy. You make me smile. While our relationship isn't always smooth sailing (but who's is?!), you still make me feel like I'm the luckiest girl alive. And it's not just that I love you only. It's that I genuinely admire you, respect you, care for you, and wake up everyday wishing, wanting, praying that you are happy and healthy. Because all of that, are what makes me happy.

I love you ... enough to fight for you and compromise for you. Enough to miss you when we're apart (every minute of the day), no matter what length of time and regardless of distance. Enough to believe in our relationship, to stand by it through rough times while having so much faith in what we have. I love you ... enough to know that I will always be there for you when you need me. Just like you tell me that you are my biggest fan; I am your biggest fan and cheerleader. I not only have faith in us but more than anything, I have faith in you.

You know, its weird ... I have never, ever been with anyone that I feel this comfortable with. Yes Ive have had relationships much longer that you and I have been together for now ... but how I can truly tell you anything and everything, the trust I have in you, how I can be completely shameless in what I say or do with you ... that actually shocks me a bit. Im almost afraid to say this because it sounds absurd, but you probably know more about me and my character than Herman. I say that with no exaggeration as I have really ran that through my head so many times because even I myself couldn't believe it.

Thank you for always putting me up on a pedestal. Thank you for believing in me, no matter what I do. Thank you for just being here for me, whether if Im complaining, squealing over mini victories or just telling you about the weather. All of that mean the world to me; you mean the world to me.

I know we are in a strange situation, and for people like us who always have to have answers, always have to have a plan ... it can be frustrating. I know you internalize a lot of frustrations about us that you dont voice to me, although I wish you do. But regardless, I need you to know that I love you and that it's ok that we don't have answers. There is nothing wrong with taking things one day at a time. Sometimes I feel your frustration even over the phone, without you having to say one word to me. And I know you do the same as well when Im having one of those days. I don't like it when you are stressed. And I wish I can take that away from you. Baby, I tell you I love you 100 times, not because Im just saying it out of habit. Im telling you that so you remember that I do love you and how much I love you. Everyday, every second even when I don't say it to you.

Happy Valentine's Day! xoxo

Love you so much,


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