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Dangerous Tik Tok Beauty Hacks to Never Try

June 6, 2022

Every once in a while a legit hack comes along on Tik Tok, like DIY sugar body scrub which we love. But unfortunately we feel it is important enough to bring somethings to light ... many of these influencers and even celebrities are not certified dermal experts, aestheticians or physicians ... and some of these hacks are not only not great, but can be dangerous. Let's review of the few that's raised a huge red flag: 

1. Contouring with sunscreen - Creating a make-up free contouring effect.

UV rays and photodamage effects all areas of the face. Skipping sunscreen on certain areas of the face exposes skin to harsh rays which can eventually lead to skin cancer, and causes premature age spots and wrinkles. Sunscreen should be worn everyday, rain or shine.

2. Potato to treat acne - We suspect that came about because potatoes do contain a miniscule amount of salicylic acid. Raw potato to minimize acne is just silly and ineffective. There are a ton of effective acne treatments that exists both OTC and in medical offices where we know exactly how much of acids and actives are being put onto the skin, why would anyone use a raw potato? If a simple potato works, both medical grade and retail skincare companies would not spend millions formulating acne treatments. As a matter of fact, there is a delicate balance in acne spot treatments where

there needs to be a perfect, synergistic balance of acids that is are effect in taking down the blemish and inflammation without causing irritation and potential scarring on facial skin. Take a look at the information on Vivre SkinLabs La Clarte

3. Using eyelash glue to create fuller lipsIf you like the idea of fuller lips, there are options. Contouring with make up, lip fillers and even lip flips done with Botox. Eyelash glue is NOT one of the options. It is borderline dangerous, this hack. Eyelash glues contains something called cyanoacrylate which when applied to the skin, can cause severe chemical allergic reaction such as swelling or blistering. If glue is ingested since it is being applied on the lips, it can cause severe illness as well. Please do not literally glue lips together.

4. At home mole removal - This is strictly  a dermatologist medical procedure and it should stay that way. This trend where people are using chemical to scrap off their moles, can leave to a slew of possible issues such as skin infections, hyperpigmentations and scarring of that area. Worst yet, all moles should be looked at by a dermatologist to be sure it is not cancerous. Moles can all look bengine and all similar to an untrained eye, but any sort of precancerous or cancerous spots can be identified by a dermatologist. This can save your life. A yearly skin exam with a dermatologist is always recommended. 

5. DIY lemon juice for face brighteningDIY face exfoliation for face brightening is a huge industry NO. While lemons do contain vitamin C and citric acid, all components of a skin brightener, it does not mean using it directly on the skin is safe. Lemons are highly acidic. If can cause serious and sometimes permanent damage to the skin when applied inappropriately at home. Again, like the blemish spot treatment, there is a lot of science that goes into formulation between using powerful ingredients that are effective while maintaining skin health. One of the best brightening agent that we love is vitamin C, while vitamin C is an antioxidant, it naturally has a brightening effect. In addition, product like SkinBetter Science's Even Tone Correcting Serum is also a great addition for those that may have severe spots and pigmentation. 

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