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After 1 Treatment with The Brigitte crystalline tip. 

Protocol: Subject used neutral cleanser

Untouched clinical photography. Individual results may vary.

Data on file, Vivre SkinLabs.

close up of the waste chamber

The Brigitte

A cleansing & hydration-infusing facial device

comes in its own carrying case, 6 facial tips, Le Concentré  (full size concentrate serum - $90 value), charging cable


The Birgitte, is the first of its kind by a medical grade company. Engineered with not only the understanding of skin health but the anatomy of the skin in mind. We are bringing your professional clinic facial treatment to you at home. The Birgitte is a thorough pore cleansing, deep hydration, and facial treatment tool that unclogs pores and exfoliates dead skin cells while removing debris and excess oil in just 1 treatment. Like a vortex vacuum for your pores, The Brigitte gently pulls out dirt, oil, and makeup from pores helping them appear smaller while resurfacing texture & infusing. This device comes with a full size VivreSKIN Laboratories , Le Concentré, a skin with clarifying Glycolic and plumping Hyaluronic Acid concentrate ($90 value) to be used in the clean water chamber of The Brigitte. Healthy skin has never been easier when all you need is 10 minutes, once a week.

The Brigitte is engineered with VivreSKIN's own V-Circuit Technology™. Developed by VivreSKIN Laboratory, the V-Circuit Technology™ allows The Brigitte to create its own vacuum circuit. This uniquely engineered vacuum circuit produces a gentle suction by way of negative vacuum pressure while deploying micro-pressured oxygen bubbles encapsulated with an anti-aging and hydration-locking solution to further exfoliate and infuse the skin with nutrients.

The Birgitte is also engineered with a special nano-narrow-band-blue light in order to thoroughly sanitize the serum concentrate + water chamber to ensure of a bacteria-free cleanse / infusion. Thus no distilled water is needed to be used in the clean water+concentrate chamber. The special blue light also sanitizes the waste chamber in order to keep the device clean. 


● Instantly deep clean skin and pores, removing dirt, excess oil, residual make up and environmental debris

● Infuses skin with propriety serum concentrate to promote glowing skin

● pores appear cleaner, tighter, and skin appears radiant

Clinical Studies

In a cohort study, results show:

● 100% said pores are cleaner and smaller

● 100% said skin is visibly brighter and smoother

● 96% said results are comparable to professional grade facial

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