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The Time is Now

May 24, 2022

Today, another senseless shooting in our nation has shaken us to the core at Vivre SkinLabs. These were little children, who were supposed to be in a safe sanctuary, their school, learning their alphabets so they can have a chance to grow up like us. And yes, 18 of them will never return home, tonight or ever. 18 sets of parents will no longer have their babies to hold. 18 empty children beds that shouldn't be. With every shooting, we turn to politicians looking for some sort of new national gun laws to be placed. And then there are those whose opinions differ. 

But at the end of the day, whether you are a republican or democrat. Whether you are for guns or against guns ... I ask that you shed any political colors or ethical opinions you may have and ask yourselves, what if your child doesn't return home one day? What if? I am not here to speak about gun reform or amending the amendment. I'm here simply as a mother, urging for an universal moral commitment to protect our children from their lives being cut short under such senseless and untimely circumstance. Whatever this call to action may be, the time is now.

We at Vivre SkinLabs are praying for those affected families. 

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