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A Magical 24 hours + 10 minutes in Your Day

May 11, 2022

A note from Mina:

We are often reading about self-care now in magazines, newspapers and social media. Self-care, is self-love. This has always been a concept I struggle with because I always thought finding time to master self-care was hard. We never have enough time. Always working. Always rushing. Always running. It's never ending. I'm lucky if I get a good 4 hours of sleep each night. Time has always been an issue. 

Through the pandemic with unrelenting stress about everything that is essential to our lives ... our health, the well being of people we love, business, social distance, isolation ... but yet staying connected and the outlook of what tomorrow may be ....... we risk becoming exhausted by anxiety & burnt out or just completely losing motivation. However, one thing I realized is that it is all perception. What we do not realize is that maybe, just maybe, we all have more time. Maybe that's the silver lining ... 

Time is the one thing money cannot buy and time, is the one thing you can never get back. This new found time is a journey, a path for all of us to take better care of ourselves. To renew our energy and to know that being positive is not a luxury but a priority. Aristotle puts it quite well, “Whosoever is delighted in solitude is either a wild beast or a god”. Then you may ask me, how do we find this time?

Let me, in turn ask you, is it cup half full or cup half empty? If we remind ourselves that time is a priority, not a luxury ... then there will be that extra 10 minutes found. Remember that old wise saying parents tell their daughters ... if he loves you, he will have time for 

you? If you love yourself, if you remind yourself that time is a priority, then magically you have just gained 10 minutes of self-care time. 10 minutes a day. 10 minutes a week. You can tailor that to your schedule but we all have 10 minutes. We do. 

Standing under a showerhead, warm water coursing over our bodies, it’s impossible to work, take care of people, work out, or check duties off a list. Ditto for time spent lounging on a chaise in a fluffy robe, waiting for a face mask to dry, or submerged in tub full of rare salts and essential oils contemplating nothing beyond the flicker of a candle. That's your 10 minutes of self-care, self-love. 

Try it. And let me know how it unfolds. I think you'd be pleasantly surprised.  

"To love oneself is the beginning to a lifelong romance."  - Oscar Wilde

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