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Spotlight on Ingredient: La Vie En Rose

March 21,  2022

When Vivre SkinLabs founder, Mina, was dreaming up of the very first product, Radiante Tissu, she knew precisely it needed to be a formula that is potent enough to fill in the gaps of what modern medical grade skincare was missing and yet gentle enough for sensitive skin. Enter, the Rose Extract. 

Having always been inspired by the potently calming and soothing properties of roses in skincare, Mina knew that when formulated properly, it can do wonders. And with that, after tireless formulations, Vivre SkinLabs' very first product was born with a special botanical spin with pure Rose Extract, cocktailed with a pripriotery SEXFuse technologies where six acids bind together to find their own pathways into the skin for a thorough cleansing, toning and prepping of the skin ... Les Tissues (our umbrella name for both skin prep pads) was born. 

Pure Rose Extract, is known of its anti-inflammatory properties which helps to minimize redness and soothe irritation. Studies have also shown Rose Extract helps to reduce spots and discoloration. Because of its calming & healing abilities, a pure Rose Extract has been formulated in both Radiante Tissu and Correct & Control Tissu to balance the strong acidity of these skin prep pads.

Since its inception, both the Radiante Tissu and Correct & Control Tissu have been the our most requested items. 

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