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The Holy Grail of Skincare ~ Retinol

April 11, 2022

In Vivre SkinLabs' 4-step mantra of Cleanse. Prep. Treat & Seal ... Treat is an important aspect of a transformative skincare regimen. While Vivre SkinLabs products are made to prepare the skin for maximum product penetration, without the proper treatment step, the regimen will not effectively upregulate and change the biology of the skin. 

Retinol is one of the most recommended skincare products by dermatologists for its acne-fighting and anti-aging capabilities. Retinol is the holy grail of skincare and should be used by almost everyone. Wrinkles, acne, pigmentation … there isn’t a single bugbear retinol cannot fix. While retinol is no overnight miracle, but it is as close as it gets to deliver instant and long term transformative results and the modern secret to the fountain of youth. Retinol encourages cell regeneration as well as helps bind cells with moisture within the dermis, so the skin becomes plump. It also synthesizes collagen and elastin production, which is crucial for anti-aging. As collagen is replenished, old skin cells are shed, fine lines recede and skin begins to reveal a brighter, smoother texture.

While about a decade ago, using retinol can be an irritating process. The skin goes through a whole acclamation phase where it can be extremely dry and peely ... possibly making one's face red and swollen for up to six weeks. However, medicine advances everyday, and there are amazing medical grade skincare companies like Alastin and SkinBetter that produces retinol products that are both effective and with very minimal irritation so that everyone, even those with sensitive skin can get on retinol for nightly use. World-renowned dermatologist, Dr. Jeffrey Hsu, founder of Oak Dermatology in Chicago, advises patients that are using retinol for the first time, "to begin at twice a week, then I give them a titration schedule to adjust up to every night at around week four". However, beware of retail retinol. Since retail skincare brands are not regulated and are not usually backed by any sort of transparent clinical studies, many times what it claims to be a retinol products can really be just a drop of retinol in a giant batch. It's for marketing purposes. The entire industry knows that retinol is the gold standard, and so every brand clamors to make their own. There is just no way of knowing its true efficacy. As Dr. Hsu explains, "always best to stick with medical grade where we know exactly what is being put onto the skin".

When using retinol. it is best to use our CBD Vita Hydratant to keep skin calm and hydrated. For those with more sensitive or dry skin that may experience mild irritations or drier skin during the acclimation phase of retinol use, adding the Drench Serum would provide additional hydration. The zinc and copper in the Drench Serum will also sooth any skin irritation. 

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