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Shedding Light on a Regulatory Issue in Skincare

May 11, 2022

A note from Mina:

Having been the in the medical aesthetics field and the beauty industry for almost two decades, I feel there is currently an important issue that should be brought to light, so that you, as an educated consumer, can understand the truths in beauty.

As a skincare formulator and a scientist in infusion medicine, understanding chemical compounds is my everyday. There are some really great chemicals that are used in groundbreaking science and then there are some truly toxic & harmful chemicals. And did you know that the US have not updated major federal laws governing the skincare industry since 1938? This law that governs the 70 billion dollar beauty industry is only 1.5 pages long and allows for companies to use questionable ingredients in their products without ever having to test their effects on human health. The industry have introduced over 80,000 chemicals into commerce since WWII, of which less than 10% have ever been tested for safety on human health. And did you know that one of these "questionable chemical" is  formaldehyde? Yes, the very chemical that is used as embalming fluids in mortuaries can be in the skincare you are using right now.

Due to numerous misinformation of the internet and beauty companies emerging to capitalize the "all natural" and "clean" claims trend, combined with little transparency in labeling cosmetics due to the lack of regulations, I find that consumers are quite confused. Frankly, I would be too.

I invite you to read our latest post about Formaldehyde and other toxic chemicals that

may be hiding in the skincare. In the meantime, understand our commitment at Vivre SkinLabs to continuous curiosity, science advancement, medical knowledge and education. We evolve our company standards as research and technology do, so we can continue to create powerfully effective and safe medical grade skincare. While we will never buy into marketing trends as we find many of these marketing terms ambiguous ... so we won't call ourselves "clean beauty", but at Vivre SkinLabs, the future of skincare is, and will continue to be, SAFE.

We believe in our formulations and the science behind it. We believe in our manufacturing process. We believe in making products with integrity. Our stance is simply about what's good for our health and always being at full disclosure.

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