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Say NO to Conventional Moisturizers

January 10, 2022

Moisturizers have been made popular by retail skin care companies. The retail skin care market is a multi-billion dollar industry that produces creams that will make you feel and look good instantaneously and then you keep going back for more, one jar after another. Consumers love moisturizers because it provides instant gratification. The oils used to make moisturizers, are made to provide an instant hydrating, plumping and glowing affect. Psychologically, we all want to see what we spent on, works. That instant hydrating, feel-good affect ... that plumping of dehydrated areas, ridding of rough patches on the skin ... and that sheen from the cream (or oils in the cream), who doesn't love that look?

Moisturizers, when used as needed on rare occasions (as directed by a physician) is acceptable, but to depend on them to moisturize and calm skin on a daily basis does a tremendous amount of damage to the skin. Moisturizers merely provide temporary comfort, short-lived smoothing and plumping and artificial hydration. By applying conventional moisturizers, one is creating a high level of moisture saturation on the surface of the skin, proving a false sense of hydration. When this happens, cellular communication is disrupted internally and the skin stops producing natural hydration from within. With repeated use, moisturizers (and oils) will negatively impact the skin, making it weaker and drier - ultimately impairing the skin’s barrier function. 

The skin’s barrier function is your first defense to protection, and impairing such mechanisms will have detrimental skin health breakdown such as deterioration of the skin, arresting its ability to renew itself, leading to skin sensitivity, inflammation and accelerated skin aging. These long term damages or skin inflammation can manifest suddenly as forms of rosacea, premature wrinkles, pigmentations, chronic dehydration amongst many other hard to treat skin disorders.

What can you use in place of a moisturizer? First understand, children skin is our gold standard of optimal skin health. They are flawless, glowing from within and never need moisturizers. Why? Their skin functions so perfectly that it is producing its own hydration. Many patients we treat at the medical clinic who have been in a medical grade skincare regimen no longer need a moisturizer of any sort because their skin is restored to where they are producing ample hydration ... yes even in the middle of winter! Now, for the time being, in place of a moisturizer, we recommend a medical grade hydrator. Hydrator is water base (not oil base). Hydrator such as the  CBD Vita Hydratant will provide your skin topical hydration amongst other anti-aging and protective properties, while training your skin back to producing its own hydration again. 

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