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My Journey

May 2, 2022

At 18, I was in the express elevator of NBC Headquarters going to the executive floor. In there with me were news anchors and models. I marveled at their seemingly flawless skin. I stepped foot into NBC for my first day of internship and before I know it, I turned 25 and was being chased down by skincare companies at a conference because I am now an executive myself for the largest day resort in America, curating and developing the perfect skincare. Another blink of an eye, I am 35, and treating patients medically , restoring their dermal health. Sometimes I look back and feel like a crash dummy myself. I was described as that I have lived 1000 lives. But it seems like each of my life has always revolved around beauty and for years I've watched professionals (artists, dermatologist, aestheticians) use products on themselves and on me. When I was young, I felt like my skin was a invincible, I allowed my face to be a test lab especially during my R&D days. Not realizing that these years of trial & error and observation have accumulated so much knowledge for me outside of my expertise in medical dermal restoration. At 41, my skin is at its healthiest. Yes, better than when I was 21. I can walk out without wearing a drop of make-up and know my skin looks as flawless as it can get in real life. The cumulation of these experiences tells me two things: simplicity is key and most retail skincare companies' only goal is sales. And this ties me back to why, more than ever, my mission to offer transformative medical grade skincare formulations with Vivre SkinLabs is paramount.

My Morning Routine

This is a medical grade first ... never before had there been a powerful enzyme cleanser on the market. I fell in love with this formula at first try. I couldn't stop touching my face, not realizing it was the wash that made it so smooth. The natural power for fruit enzymes that is engineered to be gentle on the skin ... it sounds like an oxymoron. Using the V-Enzyme Nettoyant has become a daily ritual.

This is a powerful and an essential step in my routine. This step preps my skin so it is ready to fully absorb any treatment products applied after. This is also my favorite step because I feel the acids from the SEXFUSE Technology in this Radiante Tissu literally working through my pores. This is the product that gives me my daily glow that never goes away.  

Understanding that Vitamin C is one of the most powerful antioxidant and best anti-aging protector from environmental triggers, a daily medical grade vitamin C is a must have. Year after year, through their clinical studies, ZO Skin Health has proven that their 10% Self-Activating Vitamin C is extremely stabilized and effective.

While my skin is at a point that I produce enough of my own hydration, and I do not need to use a hydrator, I still find myself grabbing this CBD Vita Hydratant every morning. The reason being is, sealing in my treatment is imperative to good skin health. While this is a hydrator, but while formulating this, I wanted to make a product that has multi-function. So we engineered a way where this is not only a hydrator but it performs as a barrier and a protector to the skin, so that the skin will experience minimal trans-epidermal water loss during the day. TEWL is a big cause of premature aging.

And then after I've sealed in all the nutrients, I always finish with sunscreen. Rain or shine. I am loving the Hydratint by Alastin

Mina's regimen is for informational purpose only. Everyone's skin has its own individual needs, message our skin specialists if you have any questions about curating a medical grade regimen that is for you.

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