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VivreCITIES: Chicago

We had to ask ... 

...... Dr. Hsu, the famous dermatologist, the one that knows all about what is best for the skin ... when he is at home in Chicago, what is his morning & evening skincare routine?! Dr. Hsu explains, "I need my routine to be simple, I'm a guy". Isn't that what Vivre SkinLabs is all about? Turns out, he's a fan of Vivre. We heart you too Dr. Hsu. 

Morning: wash with V-Enzyme Nettoyant

                 hydrate with CBD Vita Hydratant
                 ISDIN Eryfontona Actinica Sunscreen

Evening: wash with V-Enzyme Nettoyant
                prep skin with Radiante Tissu
                hydrate with CBD Vita Hydratant

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May 12, 2022

Chicago is a big metropolis, with lots of moving parts. Lots of cultures. Lots of neighborhoods. Lots of character. A city made up of both modern mirrored skyscrapers and ornate buildings that have stood the test of time. Most of all, it is one of the few big cities in America that is ... well, non-neurotic - still upholding its midwestern charm ... While we all know about Chicago deep-dish pizzas, the Chicago dog, Chicago blues and yes, the Chicago Bulls ... but what is the real Chicago? We asked world-renowned dermatologist, Dr. Jeffrey Hsu, to take us on a little tour of Chicago through the eyes of a local - His Chicago.

Coffee first, always. When asked what I do on the days I am not seeing patients, I am still working. I do like to work out of quaint coffee shops, where they put real focus on coffees. Certainly Star Lounge is one of them. La Colombe is another. 

Then a brisk walk down Michigan Avenue, you'll be greeted by two enormous bronze lions at the entrance of The Art Institute of Chicago, a place I can spend the day decompressing. Did you know it is one of the largest and oldest art museums in the United States? From Warhol, Pollack and Picasso to Dali and Matisse, you can see them all in one place. After spending time  (or a whole day or two) at the Art Institute, take the Nichols Bridgeway from the Modern Wing across to Millennium Park. There you will find an unprecedented kaleidoscope of stunning architecture, sculptures and manicured landscape. This is also home of "The Bean", which is actually called The Cloud Gate Sculpture. 

Midday, pick up a classic buttermilk donut at the Doughnut Vault, not only my all time favorite but I'd say it is the de facto standard for all donuts. Beware of them selling out and a line is not an uncommon sight. 

A perfect dinner spot is Bavette's Bar and Boeuf. It is not your traditional steakhouse. A little dark. A little French. The food is superb, you cannot go wrong with just about anything on the menu. 

Summers in Chicago are the prettiest time, with so many things to do outside. Chicago is not just a concrete jungle, you see. For beach lovers, while we don't border any oceans here, a day can still be spent at North Avenue Beach. Your view? A perfect beach, except with a dramatic backdrop of skyscrapers behind you. Pretty cool if you ask me. A pre or post dinner spot is Cindy's. It is a restaurant and bar on the rooftop of the Chicago Athletic Association Hotel that is near Millennium Park. Its open-air terrace is iconic as it offers a panoramic view of Lake Michigan. 

Coffee on My Mind ...

While he's known as the 'Donut Derm' ... but did you know that Dr. Hsu is quite the coffee connoisseur? Coffee is an integral part of his daily life. While girls have their boyfriends "good morning" texts to start the day. And children have to have their moms' morning kisses ... for Dr. Hsu, it is his cup of Joe. 

Analyzing flavor profile and body of a brew, you can find Dr. Hsu buying a bag of good quality beans at any place, at any given time. He puts coffee on the same pedestal as good wine and good cheese. Coffee, he has to have, coffee. 

We asked Dr. Hsu what are his favorite coffee beans brands are. He told us that he loves Big Shoulders Coffee, Dark Matter, and his absolute favorite is I Have a Bean. I Have a Bean actually has a meaningful story, the company believes people's past mistakes do not dictate their present. So they employ workers that were incarcerated and released. Honoring the ideals of Martin Luther King Jr., encouraging dreams and roasting top quality coffee? No wonder it's Dr. Hsu's favorite!

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