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Correct & Control Tissu

Blemish Correction Pads

50 pads


Exfoliating alcohol-free pads featuring a proprietary formulation with the five powerhouse acids to reduce formation of acne. Formulated with our own groundbreaking SEXFuse Technology, these pads will clarify, normalize surface oil and condition skin while reducing appearance of pore size, blemishes and scarring. The synergistic chemical compound of the six acids working together to stimulate production of collagen and accelerate cellular turnover to brighten skin, resulting in a lasting glow. Rose Extract is engineered into this formula to provide calming, hydrating and balancing nourishment.

SEXFuse Technology is developed by Vivre Skin Labs, where six powerhouse acids unified synergistically, to produce a super molecular fusion in order to distribute dermal detoxifying acids to various layers of the skin in order to upregulate and reboot skin health mechanisms.


● Decongests pores, reduces breakouts and brightens post-acne marks

● Helps to brighten skin tone

● Non-drying, alcohol-free formulation

● Targets excess oil to mattify skin

● Contains high concentrate of Rose Extracts to soothe & calm skin & prevent acne formation

● Texture of pads are designed to offer non-abrasive exfoliating benefits

● Minimizes the appearance of pores

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