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CBD Wellness Candle

CBD Wellness Candle



Real science. Real technology. Age-old Essence. 

VivreSKIN Laboratories' groundbreaking CBD Wellness Candles are redefining wellness & medical beauty. A hand-poured candle, in an ink matte glass vessel, that will fill any space with evocatively functional, proprietary scents that's been clinically studied to activate the brain's limbic system, which controls emotions. While VivreSKIN Laboratories is all about dermal health restoration. We also believe that true beauty comes from within. When there is wellness, there is beauty. This innovative candle is a symbol of a union between science, evidence, and medical-grade ingredients that illuminates wellness. We share the light of the very first, medical grade, CBD Wellness Candle.

4 Tantalizing Scents:

No. 5  ~  Sensual Jasmine & Exotic Magnolia Alba for uplifting the hopeless romantics. Pheromone Inducing & Relaxing

No. 10  ~  Unscented for sensitive noses. For air purification purposes.

No. 18  ~  Provence Lavender & Moroccan Mint for the stressed & anxious mind.

Calming & Soothing

No. 26  ~  Nymphet Lily & Neroli Portugal for emotional positivity.

Serotonin Inducing, De-stressing & Incalcuting Sense of Security 


  • Soot and toxin free

  • Clinically proven to purify indoor air, especially suitable for those with asthma & allergies

  • Relieving stress and anxiety

  • Aiding with sleep issues like insomnia

  • 100% medical theraputic grade essential oils added for aroma-inducing mood therapy

  • Phthlate-, dye-, lead- & petroleum-

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