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Mina-Jacqueline Au, FAAMMP

Mina is a lecturer, contributor to various national newspapers & magazine outlets, and founder & creator of Vivre companies, including an aesthetics & wellness clinic and a transformative medical grade skincare line. She is also an American advisor to the famed Institut Pastur in Paris, as a contributor to their investigative clinical trials in wellness medicine.

When not educating, Mina-Jacqueline Au, is an Integrative & Complementary Wellness Specialist and a Dermal Repair Specialist, is the Founder and Director of VivreSKIN Repair Clinic. Through VivreSKIN, her vision of a synergistic lifestyle medical practice comes to life using a result-proven and unconventional approach. Mina is a member of the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine and is renowned internationally in dermal health and restoration. Mina also serves as advisor at the famed Institut Pasteur Paris, where she lectures on infectious medicine and oncology treatments through European integrative infusion methods. Mina is also a member of MENSA International, an exclusive organization for those with extraordinary IQ and uses that gift for human advancement. Mina has also been featured on numerous national talk shows including Dr. Oz Show, NBC Today Show, CW PIX11 Morning News, Wall Street Journal Live. Most recently, Mina was named one of ten Movers & Shakers that is "changing the Business of Beauty" by DFW Magazine.

In 2021, Mina’s passion led to the creation of VivreSKIN Laboratories, a medical-grade skincare line, formulated to change skin biology for maximum dermal restoration. As a practitioner of science and a medical provider, Mina has been frustrated with conventional skincare lines which focus on quick, temporary fix and treat all skin the same way, without regard to the unique aging properties and individual skin conditions. VivreSKIN Laboratories was born out of the need to treat from within, to completely restore the health and youth of each patient’s skin.

In 2022, VivreSKIN has expanded to a collective of companies including VivreACADEMY and VivreWELLNESS. 

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