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"The Fundamentals of Beauty lies in Science + Medicine."

-- Mina-Jacqeline Au, Founder

VIvreACADEMY offers a highly curated selection of courses led by global thought leaders and specialists. Learn to optimize patient experience and outcome in this ever-changing medical aesthetic landscape. Founded by visionary, Mina-Jacqueline Au, a pioneer in her dermal health restoration methods, is regonized internationally and is a frequent lecturer to other physicians and medical providers.

Upcoming Courses

October 15 - 16, 2022

Fort Lee, NJ 

This course is led by 

Mina-Jacqueline Au & Dr. Edsel Antonio with guest speakers

This course is for licensed aestheticians only.


  • Deep dive into skin anatomy from a dermatologic POV

  • Laser physics

  • Modalities available for skin condition treatments

  • Art of consultation from a dermatologic medical POV

  • Injectable & procedure prep

  • Cosmetic surgery prep & role in assisting

  • In-depth study on regenerative topicals, their dermal effects & precautionary measures with brands offered

  • Thorough examination of medical grade skincare, different technologies involved & ingredients to look for when accessing a line

  • Regulations for medical aestheticians set forth by Medical Examiner 


  • Course material & books

  • Medical grade skincare kit and tool kit

  • Advance Electric Dermascope

  • Actual case study assessment

  • Proprietary treatment protocols for different skin conditions

  • Half-day hands-on preceptorship at our private clinic in November / December

  • Certificate of Completion

Course Fee: $1100

October 2, 2022

Fort Lee, NJ 

This course is led by Dr. Edsel Antonio

This course is for MD, DO, PA, NP or RN.


  • Exploring regenerative medicine for intimate health & sexual health

  • Laser physics for intimate treatments

  • Modalities available

  • Art of Assessment to determine treatment protocol

  • Injectable & procedure prep

  • Ethically utilize data, information and appropriate technology to evaluate and achieve optimal health outcomes.

  • In-depth study on regenerative agent uses & precautionary measures with usage

  • The business of cosmetic women’s intimate medicine


  • Course material & books

  • Stem Cells Vaginal Rejuvenation Kit

  • Actual case study assessment

  • Half-day hands-on preceptorship at our private clinic in December

  • Certificate of Completion

Course Fee: $1450

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