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About Vivre SkinLa​bs​

Vivre ᐧ a verb, meaning ‘to live’

Vivre is a word of action, not of observation. It is the idea of changing something, to evolve and be occupying a space, living and breathing … that is the same with the skin. The skin is the largest living organ on the body, and it should be treated as such. It lives and breathes; it has a lifespan and it, like us, also changes with time and age. To restore and maintain the skin’s optimal health is key in VivreSKIN Laboratories’ mission.

VivreSKIN Laboratories believes in an appropriately curated medical skincare regimen because no two peoples' skins are alike. We believe in evidence-based science, innovative medicine and complementing its medical grade skincare with simplicity and routine. VivreSKIN Laboratories is purposefully engineered with the completion of one’s skin health restoration in mind. It is only available through authorized medical providers.

VivreSKIN Laboratories believes in a genuine patient-physician relationship. This is not just another medical skincare collection.

Our Story

Born out of an Aesthetic Medicine clinic that specializes in Dermal Restoration, the creator & founder of VivreSKIN Laboratories, Mina-Jacqueline Au, was frustrated with the voids in completing her patient’s daily regimen in order to fully and optimally restore their skin to perfect health.

As a believer of medical science, she has an appreciation of the many technologically advanced medical grade skincare lines on the market. She began her clinic with the idea of curation, picking the best and most effective products from the top of the line medical grade skincare brands. When treating a various array of skin conditions while restoring the patient’s skin, she realizes that no two skins are alike.

In each person’s skin, they tell their stories. They have individuality. They have personalities. The skin is as much as a living organ as the human itself. So she went on a quest to further custom curate each patient’s regimen, in order to treat their skin health from within rather than using temporary topical methods.

Her frustration begins to accumulate as most of the medical grade skincare seems too categorized, too cookie cutter. Combining her additional background in niche skincare development as well as her specialty in dermal restoration in aesthetics medicine, VivreSKIN Laboratories was born.

We Are a Small Batch Production Company 

 Committing to Medical Grade Skincare Excellence

Every item at Vivre SkinLabs is produced in a small batch production lab to ensure the potency and effectiveness of actives. Afterall, potency and efficacy is a large part of medical grade skincare. When active ingredients are at their maximum potent state, the benefits of the product are maximized without the use of additional possibly harmful preservatives or stabilizers.

Small batch production means that products are created in small quantities, no more than 500 at a time, and made more frequently. While we recognize that this will present a longer wait time and limited availability for our partners, it is one limitation we are willing to take on for the sake of producing the most potent and best quality of medical grade skincare.

With a small batch production, every single bottle, every single jar, every single tube of product goes through scrupulous human quality control. After it is completed from the lab, it goes straight to our account partners.

Whereas in large productions, where a mass quantity of skincare is made at a time in order to cut production cost … the result is that chemical preservatives and stabilizers are often used in order to elongate shelf life of every product.

Oftentimes these additional additives can be harmful for the human skin and act as a diluent to the potent actives used in the product. The finished product is then sat in storage before being transported by large commercial logistic transporters where the products are then exposed to extreme hot or cold temperatures. This process alone will change many chemical compounds and mechanical dynamics in skincare products.

At Vivre SkinLabs, each product has a unique batch number that is hand written and signed onto each label. This is our way of ensuring it is the freshest bottle coming straight from the lab. The unique number also allows us to see exactly what was used in each formulation down to the fraction of a milligram. This is just one of our ways of committing to medical grade skincare excellence at Vivre SkinLabs.

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